Voices.com Recenzje App

Questioning My Purchase

I bought the Voices.com service again after a hiatus for a couple of years and am wondering what the service can offer if the danged app doesn’t work!! Come on people, at least don’t let it bomb every time I open it! iOS 12 on an iPhoneX ....

Sign up for Free after I’ve signed in

I have used this site for years but never got around to checking out their apps. After downloading to my iPad today 9-9-18, I signed in and when I clicked on the briefcase to view jobs, up came the sign up for free screen. There is no way around this that I found. When I entered my existing account info, error message came back: user already exists. No sh*t! I thought that perhaps the many other reviews alerting the developer to this issue might have triggered a fix, but not so far. Back to the website I go and into the trash goes this app.

Can’t log in at all.

As a premium member, I figured downloading the app would be beneficial to help keep track of jobs, etc. However, even though I’m ABSOLUTELY using the correct login info, it says “Error—incorrect username/password.” Again, I know for sure that I’m using the correct login info—so it’s a shame I can’t utilize the app.


The app is good... until you try to do a job, then it just brings you back to sign up even if you have had an account for years. Fix this app please.

How hard is it

Worked for a week. Now can't log in with word or TouchID. We've spent over $1,000 on voices which is a great service But App is horrible

Major problem

I came across the app and it seemed like something to cool to check out and possibly try out. I downloaded the app and created an account. I wanted to get a feel for the app, so I clicked on the job tab, and several listings came out. So far, so good... I clicked on the first one and was redirected back to the signup page. Confused, I backed up and clicked on jobs again... clicked on the same link and again sent to the signup page. I backed up again and clicked on a different job and was redirected back to the signup page. I thought maybe there had been a problem with my initial registration and tried to register again where I received a message telling me that there was already an account with that information (my original account)! So, it’s useless, I can get into my account and see the listings of jobs but when I click on one I get sent to the signup page again.

Can’t look at jobs now

It logs you in and then when you try to look at a job it says “sign up for free” instead of showing job. So it’s like you are logged in and then not!!!

Needs serious help

Where to begin.. Half the time the audio won’t upload..and sometimes it won’t even let you trim a recording.. Also doesn’t connect consistently with the voices server. As I write this I can’t submit auditions because of these very issues.

All audio is wasted.

Every time I try to save my recording I get logged out and even if the audio is still there, the app tells me I can't submit because it isn't there.

Times out too frequent

Overall it's nice to sign into the mobile version to read scripts, but the app times out way too soon. It's frustrating to have to sign back into the app after literally a couple of minutes. This would be a 5 star rating if the app stayed logged in and didn't time you out after a couple of minutes.

Pathetic and annoying

Constant login requirements - timeout seems to be 30 seconds and you have to login yet again! Slow opening graphic and UI. Constant connection errors. Inability to change some bio or demo features. Good grief!

A suggestion

App keeps crashing every time I check my jobs status and reviews. Needs fixing please!

Consistently broken

The idea behind this app is great: be able to record and audition on the go. However there are so many bugs with this app, it's impossible to use. It does not function as a way to audition AT ALL. The app doesn't seem to register that you recorded an audition. When you record an audition and fill out the rest of the form and go to submit, you get an error message telling you you need to provide an audition. It's only successful function is to keep you updated on all of the jobs you can't submit to because the app is junk.


Desperately needs Touch ID or at least 1Password integration. It gets very annoying to have to log in every time.

Good for reference.

Wish I didn't have to type a password every single time.

Nothing but an error messages!

Unable to connect. Unable to retrieve a list of accents. Unable to retrieve a list of budgets. Latest version. Tried the mobile site, after awarding a project and making payment, PayPal sends me to the app which gives me nothing but the error messages again.

Terrible App.

The app does not refresh very often. Even if you log out and then back in, the information is not updated. Makes messaging impossible. If it would be updated to fix all of it's bugs then it might be a decent app, but for now it is not worth it.

Keeps logging out, needs work. Almost good.

This app logs me out like every five minutes, why? It's Very annoying when trying to record an audition off my phone, then listening then coming back to record again. I'm logged out and have to put my password in and find the script. Why can't it just stay on the script? I have the remember me box checked, but still have to type my password. It wastes time , the site works better in a browser. The recording feature is cool but needs a little bit of editing capabilities, like cutting out the first place 3 seconds. Or how about doing multiple takes.


I'm trying to enter in my email but it keeps saying it's already in use, I tried using a few of my other emails but the same thing kept coming up. I'm trying to find voice actors for a sims movie I'm making and honestly, I'm way better off finding actors on YouTube. This was a complete waste of my time, if u want to have a good app, you actually need to physically make it work!!!


Love the idea, hate how it functions. Let's get the bugs out (like today), so I can rely on it as a way to submit auditions everyday. There should also be more communication with clients (on your end), so they know that the app is just the initial contact and not the final product. More consideration placed on these reads verses dismissing them for poor sound quality. Perhaps the app can provide a better playback sound too.... One more thing.... A way to edit our reads would be desirable. I find myself reading the spot again and again because I can't do a pick up or two... Please address these asap. Thank you!

Crashes a lot

Whenever I leave the app to look at something else it freezes and then I have to quit and sign in again. Additionally the recording demo function doesn't work either. Very frustrating.

Needs to make some major fixes

It's great being able to record voice overs using this app. However you must use their recording software if using this software. Additionally, you can not copy the script from their program to another program like Word or Pages so you can make notes. They got a long way to get this app where it should be.

Buggy after OS8 and app update

The app is not functioning properly since the OS8 and app update. The graphics do not appear to be optimized on screen (layout). I also can't access the audition tab on my "answered" jobs. Please fix!

It's alright

It used to crash and not allow you record your demos but after a couple of updates, I saw some major improvements in the app.

When it worked, it was great.

Super buggy! This app hasn't let me do any auditions in FOUR DAYS. I keep getting an error that says "Unable to submit audition. Please try again later." Over and over again. Is this their way of controlling the amount of auditions we do? I'm very upset with this. It was so awesome the first week or two that it worked. Now it's pretty much useless. I've cleared the cache, I reinstalled the app, I've even reset my phone to factory settings (crazy, I know!) Also, it's not working on my iPad either. Wth?!

Great App for members!

Really love that I can review possible auditions and my correspondence with jobs via my iPad. Easy to read and review. The only downside is that I cannot delete jobs when I want to. I can on the iPhone app but not iPad. Also wish there was an easier way to move within Awarded jobs on the iPad especially when away from my computer and a client has a question. Overall great app for members of this service.

Well done

I don't know what the other reviewer is talking about or if it is simply an old review but this app works great for me on both my iPhone and my iPad. Really nice integration for quick access to audition scripts.

Error: Unable to play this audio file, please try again later.

The app gives me this error message whenever I try to record an audition audio file and then immediately play it back on an iPad air or iPhone 5S running the latest version of iOS 7.0.4. I'm not able to record auditions and respond to jobs, which is critical for voice talent.

Error messages

This would be perfect but everything I click on an error message pops up. Audio files don't work. A message always comes up saying error can't load file try again later, while trying to view the top 100. It shows no job listings but the web version does and sometimes an error message pops up there to. So I'm not able to search for a job. The mobile version does not show job listenings either. Please fix because I do not have a computer.

Start-up fail

Crashes every time I log in or try to navigate anywhere from the home screen. Looks like a very useful app though, if it worked.


It lets me log in, but, when I try to even update my profile or look for jobs, it crashes EVERY TIME!! Can you please fix this? Kay thanks bye


You can log in, see your profile,messages, or payments, but how do you find a job if every time you click the job tab, the entire app crashes? PLEASE HELP!!!

Not much function.

Jobs don't update unless you restart the app. Messages and deposit tabs do not work. Please fix ASAP! Thanks!


App crashes when I log in. Every. Single. Time.

Crashes on login

Used to work. Not this version.

Great but...

Great app and was working pretty well until this last update. Now it take a long time before it logs in and when trying to view jobs it doesn't load. I waited several minutes.

Wish the language was listed

Really love this app which has just been adapted for iPad users. Able to audition now wherever I might be. Well thought out, with all the features you need. Really great to be able to view the script and use the recording controls on the same screen. Makes the whole auditioning process a breeze. There is the ability to edit your audio and the sound quality is very good too. My rating will change to 5 stars as soon as the app includes language preference in the details. This is very important to me. I recommend using this app. Very useful.

Awesome app

Intuitive comes to mind when asked to describe this app. I've had the app for iPod touch for months and am happy with it, but this iPad version is phenomenal!! It's not cluttered with useless stuff. I love the side bar design. Easy to navigate. Audio is clear. Links are very responsive. No lag. You tap, it goes. Only gave 4 stars so I can give it 5 if they add something I'm not thinking of, right now.

Not saving audio

The app is nice to create your portfolio, but the auditions don't work. I gave tried many times to audition to multiple jobs and I record my audition and then it won't save the audio. Same with making demos. If this is fixed it is a five star for sure. Please fix soon. I don't want to miss these auditions.

Getting better

I like the remote record feature and access to templates. Decent remote access. Still fidgety. Full site more reliable. App hasn't displayed "Answered" files for days. Shows try again later" box.

Simple to use

Great app. Helpful for voice talent on the go. Also simple to use, which is great for not-so-tech-savvy users!

Redefines "mobile studio!"

I downloaded this right before a trip to Seattle, where I used it for the first time. It works flawlessly and intuitively like very few apps of any kind. I was able to audition from the marina. I love that I didn't have to even boot up laptop! I Spoke my audition directly into my iPhone. The quality was excellent! At home, I do usually audition from my studio, but today... I just might audition out by the pool!


This makes working on the road easier. Looking forward to using this.

Great app!

This is fantastic! Thanks Stephanie and Ashley for cluing us in to this at Voice 2012!!!!


It crashes way too much and I have the iOS 5.1.1

Nothing short of amazing!!!

Wow, I am blown away by this app! I can do my auditions now wherever I want! I have to let you know I was going to suggest something like this but as always you guys are a step ahead. Great app, highly recommended !!


Yes! Now I can legitimately write off my iPad! I just recorded and submitted my first audition with this app and my Apogee MiC. Very intuitive, clean interface. You should be able to figure all of it out in about a minute. Goodbye flash. And good riddance. : ) My portable voiceover studio just went way up in usability. My only suggestion would be the ability to edit your recordings. But for a V1, I still give it five stars.

Smooth and full of features

From a talent perspective, this app includes everything I wanted to see it include at launch including swipe to get to other jobs/auditions. It's extremely smooth and pretty too! Terrific first public iteration!

Helpful app!

A huge help for auditions on the go! Just submitted for a spot after downloading the app and it was quick, intuitive, and easy to record a custom audition.

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